5 Good Reasons To Do Yoga This Year

Whether you are new to this practice or want to get back to it, here are five good reasons to do yoga.

Yoga is good for the body and mind
In the 1990s, yoga was considered a passing fashion, but judging by the number of centers opening in the country, it has never been so popular. This is largely due to the benefits.

1. Yoga increases the feeling of well-being

“Nothing makes you feel as good as practicing yoga,” says Eoin Finn, who cites the many benefits this discipline provides, including feeling more alert, aware and articulated. While in a classic fitness class, you easily end up being convinced to go at the same pace as the others, in a yoga class, we recommend that you follow your own rhythm and aim for your well- to be above all. Thus, you will leave the course very satisfied and will inevitably want to take others.

2. Yoga brings balance

If like most people, you spend your life running, the yoga class will help you take a step back and give you contentment. Even when the exercise is physically demanding, focusing on the need to breathe slowly and regularly helps the person to cultivate calm. “When breathing is regular, there is less risk of injury,” says Eoin Finn.

Tip: Use your breathing as a barometer of the intensity of your exercises: if you are out of breath or hold your breath, it is a sign that you should decrease your intensity and take a break. “Too often, people feel compelled to keep up with the group,” says the instructor. Hence the importance of cultivating the state of mind that we call “contentment” and of preserving it at all times. ”

3. Yoga promotes concentration

At a time when information overwhelms us, yoga offers the possibility of developing one’s concentration, which will have positive effects on daily life, and not only during classes. “Yoga allows you to put aside everything that distracts your mind in order to come to a state of clarity,” says Eoin Finn. For example, in balance postures, you have to be fully present in what you are doing, or else you will fall. ”

Tip: Stay aware of your breathing and your body. Eoin Finn points out that in many fitness exercises, for example, cardio, you pay no attention to your body, preferring to wear it on the TV screen, magazine, or music. With yoga, it’s different, since the awareness that one has of exercise and of one’s body is an intrinsic part of the discipline. “Yoga puts you in touch with your feelings and the various experiences you have,” she explains. You gradually become aware of what you are doing, which is very pleasant. ”

4. Yoga is good for the body

Yoga offers many physical benefits. First, says Eoin Finn, it helps restore the normal axis of the joints, which improves their functioning and longevity. A well-designed program can also correct imbalances caused by work or other activities, such as sitting all day at a desk or, on the contrary, being up for seven or eight hours. in a row. And, contrary to what some people think, yoga is not only about stretching, it also strengthens the body.

Tip: If you have never done this, let the monitor know and, if applicable, also tell them about any physical problems you may have, such as lower back pain or tunnel syndrome carpal. He will then be able to advise you on postures that could help you or, on the contrary, harm you. Also, don’t hesitate to interrupt a posture if it looks bad to you. As with any other physical activity, you can injure yourself while doing yoga.

5. Yoga helps fight stress

We all know that stress is bad for us, but it is not easy to relieve it. Yoga can help. “Just by the way you move and breathe, there is a change and you go from a state of stress to a state of contentment,” says Eoin Flinn. When you get rid of all the stress in your body, then suddenly you discover how good and good life is. ”

Tip: Leave your obligations and concerns at the door of the room and approach the course with positive intentions. It is sometimes difficult to stop the mental flow, but by concentrating on your breathing and your body rather than your thoughts, you usually feel like a better person at the end of the course than at the beginning.