6 Habits To Give Up To Feel Better

Some of your behaviors are harming you and preventing you from progressing. To feel better, say “goodbye” to these 6 habits.

1) Multiply the coffees

Excessive consumption of coffee can affect your health and also your morale. Among the after-effects, you could, among other things, feel more anxiety which can lead you to doubt, to question yourself, to be difficult to concentrate, to sleep less well, etc. It would be beneficial to swap your cup of coffee with tea or water. Your body will benefit from many benefits.

2) Use negative vocabulary

The choice of words you use has an impact on your mind and mood. If you say negative sentences, you stay in a dark and rather pessimistic atmosphere. For example, you are asked to make a presentation with about twenty people. You can say, “I will never be able to. Or “I’ll try.” You will feel more motivated and optimistic if you say the second. Try to become aware of your bad habit first and stop if you hear yourself saying a negative sentence. Then correct it and change your thoughts. You will feel that better!

3) think too much

Be careful not to overload your mind. The higher your mental load, the more stressed and paralyzed you feel about everything you have to do (or think!). It is not easy to slow the hamster running through our heads, but there are better habits to take care of you. You have to put down (or flush out!) This overflow of thoughts while playing sports, writing, creating, having fun, etc.

4) Try to please everyone … except you

Thinking about others is important. Being empathetic is of good quality. But you must not forget yourself. You are important too. In fact, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t do the same with others. And then, you don’t have to transform yourself to please everyone. You have to find your happiness by yourself!

5) Living in the past or in the future

Living in the present moment is … quite rare! You are often torn between the past and the future. Knowing how to set foot in the present is an exercise to learn. You free yourself from what you have done or experienced and you also stop planning, wanting to control the future, and planning everything. Try meditation to work on your ability to return to the present moment. Other activities – like coloring – can also help.

6) having too many fears

All your fears prevent you from evolving. You shouldn’t be afraid of being wrong; your mistakes allow you to readjust your goals (and how you will reach them!). The fear of failure and change is holding back your desires and your impulses. Let go of fears and open up to new things. Dare! Open doors instead of cultivating the fears within you.