Well-being: 10 Resolutions Good For Your Heart And Mind

The first of the year, you will no doubt make resolutions to improve your physical health. However, you should not neglect your mind and your heart. There too, there is certainly room for improvement.

1: Spend less time watching TV

If you could only make one change this year, it would be to decrease the number of hours you spend in front of the small screen. There are so many more interesting things to do.

Reduce viewing time by an hour, declare a total embargo one evening a week, make a list of your favorite shows and stick to them strictly; these are just some of the strategies you can use to detox from the small screen. You can also participate in the Week without a screen, an international event held each year in April.

2: Read more

Whether it is a work of fiction that broadens one’s horizons or an instructive work that contributes to enriching one’s knowledge, reading contributes to creating a more harmonious world. In addition, the curiosity it arouses increases the appetite for life.

3: Consume less

Admittedly, we accumulate piles and piles of objects without being happier about it. One day a week, try not to buy anything at all. Withdraw a predetermined amount of money at the start of the week, and leave your debit and credit cards at home. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it.

4: Produce something

Modernity requires, we no longer know how to do anything with our hands. Why not make the resolution this year to make something from A to Z? Make bread, grow vegetables, make a skirt, build a table, the possibilities are endless. Find out about the practical courses offered at your community center, at the CEGEP in your borough, or by the shops selling DIY, sewing, gardening equipment, etc.

5: Stop worrying about your sexuality

Of course, sexuality is part of life. But by flooding the audience with advice on how to improve their performance in bed and, therefore, give more pleasure to their spouse, TV shows and magazine articles cause the opposite effect. This year, resolve to just enjoy your sex life; if you can enjoy the present moment without expecting more than it can give you, so will your partner.

6: Practice gratitude

Researchers at California Davis University and Southern Methodist University in Dallas say that people who consciously practice gratitude on a daily basis are more alert, more enthusiastic, more optimistic, more energetic, and more determined than others. to be less prone to depression and stress. Keep a journal in which you will write down the objects of your gratitude. If you have children, keep a family journal: during supper, come back with them on the good times of the day and write them down when they are out of the table.

7: Eat better

It is true that the words “organic” and “local” are omnipresent, but they refer to a very important reality. We know that processed foods are not very good for us. Therefore, try to incorporate more organic products grown in your area into your diet. If you don’t think you can afford it, maybe your budget needs to be reconsidered: your expensive Friday evening drinks and your expensive Monday morning latte might allow you to buy lots of organic carrots. Here is a suggestion for you: Organic products: 8 foods to buy now

8: Show a little more selflessness

At the time, it’s good to always be first, but in the long run, you end up losing your humanity. Here are the three levels of altruism you could practice this year:

Macro: the universe is full of problems and causes to defend: adopt one and press it, with your dollars or your time.
Microphone: without doing the doormat, you can still find ways to give more space to your friends or family members; their smiles will warm your heart.
Abstract: have good gestures for strangers, for example by letting a car pass in front of you rather than blocking it by squeezing the one in front. Your behavior will cause others to do the same

9: Get involved in your community

As Winnie the Pooh says, “You can’t just sit in the forest waiting for the others to come to you; sometimes you have to reach out to others. ” Helping to strengthen ties within one’s community gives the feeling that we are useful to others and that life has meaning. Visit your local library, participate in various meetings organized in your area, train young people in soccer, teach reading to an illiterate, contribute to a community garden or, simply, have a coffee while discussing politics with regulars of the local restaurant.

10: Flee mediocrity

Be proud of your work. Even if you’re just a cog in the machine, make sure you’re the best cog you can be.

Resolution no. 11: Breathe fresh air
There is no need to ride a camel in Morocco or cross the Pyrenees by bike to bring a little adventure into your life. There is a multitude of places in the country where you can enjoy outdoor activities, leaving only for the day. Ask your travel agent about the economical packages offered by the recreational centers, whether for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, or horse riding. In addition to the pleasure of being outside, you will naturally increase your levels of vitamin D and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that fights depression.